Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Putting Around

Golf lovers at Meramec Bluffs wanted to share their passion with others. Working together they brought an additional amenity to their Life Plan Community that’s creating new experiences for all residents.

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A Caring Career

At Lutheran Senior Services, Certified Nursing Assistants become like family to residents and guests.

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Wellness Becomes a Daily Routine for Residents

Yoga, stretch, strength, balance, water aerobics, water volleyball, tai chi, bingo, card games, line dancing, Wii bowling. This is a short list of a few of the activities that take place at the Wilson Wellness Center at Lutheran Hillside Village, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community, in Peoria, Illinois. Given all these opportunities, it makes sense why many residents are there every day during the week.

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8 Myths of Aging

There are many assumptions out there about aging – some are true, some are half true, and some are just plain wrong. Here we look at eight of the more common myths about aging.

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Finding Home and Art Again at Breeze Park

Beverly Jensen loved painting. When her arthritis made holding paintbrushes difficult, she gave up painting for quilting. But the Breeze Park Coloring Club showed Beverly some new tools that helped her pick up painting again. She regularly shares her artwork – old and new – with her fellow residents.

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Helping Write a Legacy

Residents at Laclede Groves, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community in Webster Groves, Missouri, have been digging into their own memories with a little prompting from staff. Lifestyle Enrichment staff at Laclede Groves have led interested residents in a Legacy Project in gathering stories from their lives.

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How Does Music Therapy Help Seniors?

In 2019, Laclede Groves established the music therapy program led by Emily Sitzes. Music therapy engages older adults in all levels of living through classes, one-on-one therapy, educational opportunities, singalongs, and much more. While music therapy sessions may look and sound like fun, the sessions are specially created and carefully planned to ensure participants benefit.

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Limited availability in the Laclede Groves Care Center

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