How Does Music Therapy Help Seniors

How Does Music Therapy Help Seniors?

In 2019, Laclede Groves established the music therapy program led by Emily Sitzes. Music therapy engages older adults in all levels of living through classes, one-on-one therapy, educational opportunities, singalongs, and much more. While music therapy sessions may look and sound like fun, the sessions are specially created and carefully planned to ensure participants benefit.

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Why Should Seniors Stay Active?

Staying active is important for anyone but it’s especially important as people age. While staying active isn’t always easy, it is important as regular activity helps combat health conditions and diseases, maintain weight, and improve mood.

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Resident-Produced Show Tells Resident Stories

As a salesman, Bill Mahl put his gift of gab to good use helping businesses solve problems. Now he’s using his gifts again to entertain fellow residents at Lutheran Hillside Village, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan community in Peoria, Illinois, by sharing stories about their neighbors in a regular interview segment shared on the in-house television channel.

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A Legacy of Doing

During his time in St. Louis, Reverend Johann Friedrich Buenger founded a hospital and an orphanage. Known as a doer, Rev. Buenger was constantly working to solve the needs of the community. This social mindedness and go-getter attitude aren’t lost on his legacy that is now Lutheran Senior Services, a not-for-profit organization meeting the needs of older adults through senior living communities, affordable housing, and home and community based services.

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Resident Authors Contribute to Community Book

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when many were sheltering in place, Ermadean Wilcox took note of a white chair outside of her apartment at Concordia Village Life Plan Community, in Springfield, Illinois. This chair was a means of communication – her mail was placed here; meals, snacks, and treats could be found here; Bingo cards, puzzles, and other activities were left here. One of those activities was a writing prompt that encouraged Ermadean to write a poem about the white chair outside her home and her longing to see it gone so she would know then that world returned to normal.

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Levels of Care for Senior Living

When you begin to look at senior living and care for your loved one, it’s important to know what the options are. This will allow you and your loved one to make an informed decision together, help them prepare for a better transition to their new home, and bring you peace of mind that they are getting the support they need.

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How to Move a Parent with Dementia to Assisted Living

When your loved one, whether it’s a parent, an aunt or uncle, or a dear friend, begins showing signs of memory loss, it is difficult for everyone. For a while, a little extra help from family members, friends, or even an in-home service can help an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. But eventually, around-the-clock care and more opportunities for engagement may be needed.

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Sharing a Story of Friendship

When Vickie Rodgers wanted to bring her grandchildren to the senior living community where she works, she knew she needed to prepare them. Being an educator herself, she looked for books about visiting care centers and senior living communities but didn’t find anything that would help. So, she decided to write her own.

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