The Medicaid Crisis in Missouri

The Medicaid Crisis in Missouri

This year, Missouri seniors have called, written, and rallied their lawmakers, urging them to “bridge the gap” in Medicaid funding. That gap is the difference between the $178 needed each day to provide average care for a single skilled nursing resident – and the $153 the state actually pays. Missouri lags far behind almost every other state in the nation for Medicaid reimbursement.

Recent efforts in the Missouri House and Senate have resulted in a recommendation for partial funding of Skilled Nursing (SNF) Medicaid. A House and Senate Budget Conference is currently considering competing approaches before sending a final budget to the Governor.

We urge you to support the Senate Version of the bill in regards to Medicaid funding. The Senate version helps close the gap between current reimbursement and the amount as calculated by the states formula. The Senate’s version funds approximately 1/3 of this shortfall. The House version does provide funding, but does not fully restore lasts years cut in funding much less add anything to help for increased costs we are all experiencing.

Insufficient funding will leave skilled nursing residents without adequate care. If you would like to advocate for these frail Missouri citizens, please click on any of the options below. Contact legislators by Thursday, May 10, 2018!

Missouri, Make Seniors A Priority and Pay What You Promise!

Medicaid Crisis in Missouri

What Can I Do?

Send an email

Copy text from below into your email. Use the “Conferee Contacts” section below to find the correct email addresses of the committee members. Use “Medicaid Concerns from a Missouri Resident” or “Medicaid Concerns from a Missouri Senior” as the subject line for your email.

Dear Senator/Representative ___________

Thank you for making the funding of SNF Medicaid a priority over these past few months. The combined efforts of the House and Senate give hope to Missouri’s skilled nursing patients who rely on Medicaid for their care.

When the Medicaid crisis took the spotlight this year, seniors from across the state mobilized. They were aware of the power of their vote and familiar with the history of underfunding. Like many Missourians, they were also embarrassed by the state’s poor example of senior support, relative to almost every other state in the country.

Residents of senior housing said, “enough!” They got on the phone with you and your fellow lawmakers. They wrote over one thousand letters. They visited you at the capitol. None of these things were easy for them to do.

I know it won’t be easy for you, either. I know there are many issues vying for your attention as you send your final budget recommendations to the Governor. But I urge you to honor the work you have already done on behalf of Missouri’s seniors. It is time to reverse a shameful history of inadequate Medicaid funding. Please, do the right thing for Missouri’s most frail citizens.


Call your lawmaker

Find the phone number for the lawmaker you wish to reach using the “Legislator Contacts” section below. Please note that this list only includes members of the Budget Conference who are drawing up final budget recommendations. These are the people who need to hear from you now.

Read one or more of the following key points:

  • Missouri needs full funding for Skilled Nursing Medicaid.
  • Missouri is reimbursing Skilled Nursing Medicaid at a level $25 (per patient per day) below the amount that its own formula stipulates!
  • Missouri reimburses Medicaid at a lower rate than most other states.

If you have a personal story, share it! You might talk about a parent, grandparent, or other significant older adult in your life. Do not hesitate to make this personal. Our state’s leaders need to understand the severity of the Medicaid issue!

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Legislator Contacts

FAQs about contacting your legislator

Q: How do I address the state’s legislators?
A: When writing state representatives, refer to them as Mr./Mrs. [John Doe]. When writing senators, address them as Senator [John Doe].

Q: Shouldn’t I be writing my own legislator?
A: Because the budget is now in committee, it is most impactful to write lawmakers who have a direct influence on budget recommendations. Names and contact information for those individuals can be found above.

Q: Will my voice be heard?
A: YES. Loud and clear! Representatives don’t hear from their constituents as much as they would like to! Send emails or call as soon as possible.

More Information

For more information, visit This is a third party advocacy site, not affiliated with Lutheran Senior Services, containing useful information and advocacy tools.


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