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Vitality in Motion at The Village at Mackenzie Place

“We want to keep the older adult population moving, but in a way that is innovative and different. Basing it on dance and incorporating the artistic elements are such important parts of what we do,” said Vanessa Woods, founder, Vitality in Motion.

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Growing Our Own: How LSS Supports Nursing Career Growth

“There is so much benefit to growing our own nurses,” said Sarah Kaufmann, Administrator of Assisted Living at Lutheran Hillside Village in Peoria, Illinois. “We help them meet their goals, while also knowing we are instilling the values that will make them an asset to Lutheran Senior Services.”

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Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

While he hasn’t practiced medicine in a few years, Jim Gruver says, “Once a nurse, always a nurse!”

Jim, who has lived at Lutheran Hillside Village, a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) Life Plan Community in Peoria, Illinois, for nearly seven years, is one of several retired nurses in the community.

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Creating Art Fulfills Hilltop Manor Resident

Living a full life means exploring one’s interests and abilities to find purpose and fulfillment. For Gerald Guenzler, that means creating works of art to beautify his home at Hilltop Manor Senior Living, a Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) community.

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Move-In Resources: Support for Every Step of Your Move

Any move can be filled with stress or complications. Where do you start? Who do you trust? With a move to a Lutheran Senior Services community, there’s a special support system just for you called the Move-in Resources Team! This unique resource provides access to a team with years of experience helping people successfully transition to a Life Plan Community.

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Growing Careers at Mason Pointe

Mason Pointe is a great place to grow professionally, no matter what your career path. Just ask Amy Nupp, Genevieve Klapp, and Naz Jackson! “LSS has helped me grow my career in several ways,” said Amy Nupp, HR Generalist at Mason Pointe Senior Living in Town & Country, Missouri. In her 5.5 years with Lutheran …

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