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It's Good to Be Home

It’s where we rest best. And as hospital stays grow shorter, specialized home health services are more important than ever. When transitioning from short stay rehabilitation, managing a new diagnosis, or maintaining medical equipment, LSS Home Health provides optimal outcomes. Our Home Health care services in the metro St. Louis area are also expertly equipped to assist people of all ages. Family and friends will benefit from less worry, stress, and time away from work. You’ll rest easier knowing experienced nurses, therapists, and social workers are right where you need them to be. To learn more about the benefits of LSS Home Health services, complete the form on this page, or call 314-963-3430.

Home Health

Services include:

Skilled Nursing Care

When prescribed by your physician, our registered nurses and licensed practical nurses bring skilled medical expertise and care to you. This helps speed your recovery from injury, illness, and post-surgical conditions, and provides Medicare-certified skilled nursing care for chronic conditions and other physician-ordered treatments. Our registered nurses and licensed practical nurses also work as advocates and educators to help you and your caregiver learn the best ways to maintain your optimal independence at home.

Physical, Speech, or Occupational Therapy

Our physical, speech, and occupational therapists provide therapeutic services specifically designed for you and your home environment. Our therapists specialize in short stay rehabilitation for older adults. When you choose LSS REACH Short Stay Rehab, you can quickly coordinate a seamless transition to LSS Home Care for additional, individualized support.

Home Health Aide Services

While receiving Home Health medical services, Medicare and private insurance often cover in-home personal assistance. Our respectful and kind-hearted home health aides stand ready to assist with bathing, dressing, and grooming to make each day more comfortable at home.

Medical Social Worker Services

Our interdisciplinary Home Health teams include knowledgeable medical social workers who specialize in senior care. They’ll guide you to valuable community resources, talk with you about the impact of your illness, and/or assist in long-range planning for future needs.

Who’s eligible?

If you’re an eligible Medicare beneficiary, Medicare will cover 100% of home health care costs if you meet the following conditions:

  • You’re under the care of a doctor who has signed an order for the treatment or service.
  • You require skilled care. While recovering from a recent illness, injury, or worsening medical condition, your physician indicates you require skilled nursing care, physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy for your defined care period.
  • You’re homebound. It takes considerable effort for you to leave your home, and when you do, it must be for short periods of time. For instance, leaving your home for religious services does not disqualify you from being considered homebound.

Other forms of coverage for home health care may be available upon approval for home health care services.

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