Memory Care Assisted Living at Concordia Village

Memory Care Assisted Living in Springfield, Illinois

A Community of Care

Concordia Village’s new Memory Care Assisted Living provides an environment designed specifically for older adults living with early- to mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments. Each day is planned by our knowledgeable, caring staff with activities and programming tailored to our residents to keep them engaged physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s the additional care needed by the community you already know and trust.


Memory Care Assisted Living at Concordia Village

Tour Concordia Village’s New Memory Care Assisted Living

See how the new Memory Care Assisted Living provides the space and programming to support our mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest! Hear from Concordia Village staff about this new space and plans to support Memory Care residents and their families.

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Talk with a Senior Living Counselor about Memory Care Assisted Living at Concordia Village

Our Memory Care Assisted Living is designed with your loved one in mind. With an environment built for older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory impairments and programs created around our residents, Concordia Village provides continued opportunities to live life to the fullest for all our residents.

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A Lifestyle Designed with Your Loved One in Mind

From the moment your loved one moves to Concordia Village Memory Care Assisted Living our staff gets to know them – their history, interests, and preferences, and how these have evolved over time. This helps our team provide compassionate, individualized care. But we don’t stop at the resident. Our staff provides support for you and includes you to make sure we’re all working together to provide meaningful days for your loved one.

Memory Care Assisted Living includes:

  • Purposeful activities
  • Consistent and compassionate staff
  • Individualized care
  • Team approach to resident care
  • Programming built on the dimensions of wellness
  • Opportunities for your loved one to live life to the fullest


  • Private rooms
  • Enclosed courtyard
  • On-site medical clinic
  • On-site salon
  • Community amenities


Families and residents feel confident when they choose Concordia Village.

"We are extremely grateful to the entire Concordia Village staff for taking such extraordinary steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our family member and his fellow residents. We are so grateful to his care staff. "
- Greg, Geri, and Adam
"Thank you for loving on Mama and all our precious family members. Our CV family is such a blessing!"
- Lori
"We are truly blessed to be a part of this outstanding & caring community!"
- Bill and Jan
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