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Around LSS: Progress and Renovation

Around LSS: Progress and Renovation

You might have noticed that there’s a lot of construction and renovation occurring across Lutheran Senior Services. We’re investing in the future and the needs of seniors by preparing today. Take a peak at some of the projects that are occurring and a deeper explanation of why they’re so important.

A Conversation with Jacque Bogner, Executive Director of Concordia Village, and Donna Roetker, Concordia Village Resident

LSS: Lutheran Senior Services is a not-for-profit. That means any surplus money doesn’t go into the pockets of shareholders, but is reinvested in our communities. In 2015, many LSS communities saw renovations and expansions. Jacque, as an Executive Director, what does that reinvestment do for your community and other LSS senior living communities?

Jacque: For current and future residents it means that they can enjoy places and spaces that fit their needs. This is home and we want it to be a place where people are proud to say they live. Plus through reinvesting in our communities, we are extending our services to more seniors and providing a larger variety of services.

LSS: Which is needed.

Jacque: Exactly. Everyone knows that we have a large generation population that has reached, or is close to reaching, retirement age. And Lutheran Senior Services is preparing for that with both renovating existing spaces and creating brand new ones. Wellness centers, fitness and art studios, pool spaces — all these are a part of investing back in our communities and I believe it’s a part of our mission.

LSS: Donna, you are a recent new resident to Lutheran Senior Services. How has your life changed since moving in?

Donna: My life has changed tremendously since moving in. I had both a house and a condo and I knew it was time to downsize. Now I have a lovely apartment with a great view, friends surrounding me, and on top of that we have a new wellness center that I use every day. I had concerns and was nervous when making the decision to move, but everyone here is wonderful and it’s home. I haven’t missed my old place once.

Jacque: Donna has a story similar to many others. One of the best parts of my job is
that my team and I get to show them what life is like here.

Donna: I really have nothing to worry about here. The building is so very beautiful but I have to say that it’s the people that really make it special. People like Jacque are what make this place a home.

At a Glance

The ever-changing needs of a rapidly aging population leads change throughout LSS. Being responsible stewards means finding new ways of delivering value without sacrificing quality. Remaining viable in an increasingly competitive market calls for consistent evaluation of existing product and constant renewal through renovation and, at times, new construction. Multiple projects remain in the works at all times with an eye toward meeting the needs of both today and tomorrow.

2015 Projects included:

Concordia Village, Springfield, IL:

  • Completed construction of new apartments and patio homes for independent living, as well as a Wellness Center featuring pool, art studio, game room, and clinic.

Lake Pointe, Lake Saint Louis, MO:

  • Began pre-sales and continue developing phased construction of this new continuing care retirement community.

Lenoir Woods, Columbia, MO:

  • Continued pre-sales of a new independent living wing and a master plan for construction of a new care center.

Lutheran Hillside Village, Peoria, IL:

  • Began construction on a new care center and continue developing master plan for additional renovations.
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