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Core Values Leadership Award Winners

Core Values Leadership Award Winners

At the recent Fall Leadership Experience, where leaders across LSS gathered, we introduced the Core Values Leadership Awards. From nominations submitted by fellow peers, five LSS leaders were selected as the first recipients of these awards, which highlight each new LSS Core Value.

“Our values are universal across this organization. Regardless of your role or location, if we all strive to live out our values and both hold ourselves accountable and recognize growth, we will create a culture where we can all be our best selves,” said Adam Marles, LSS President & CEO. “This is essential for the future success of our organization.”

Please join us in celebrating our inaugural winners!

We give grace in faith.
Rich Gathright, Director of Facilities at Lenoir Woods

This Core Value exemplifies the grace we receive from God as a free gift of love to all humankind. We share that grace freely and openly. Grace implies a spirit of forgiveness, healing, humility, and acceptance. Faith means trusting with an open heart and mind and welcoming others.

Rich embodies this Core Value, especially as a safety leader in his community. “He is always teaching, giving grace to those involved. It would be easy for him to get frustrated when some may be complacent or non-reactive, but he always has that patient teaching attitude, giving grace to those who struggle,” said his nominator.

We meet you where you are, and we grow together.
Drew Redman, Executive Director of Mason Pointe

This Core Value recognizes that every person comes from a different place or stage in life, and we do better when we respect our differences. Everyone benefits from opportunities to grow and collaborate in relationships of learning and mentorship to grow individually and as teams and communities, learning from both our successes and failures.

Drew embodies this Core Value in many ways, but markedly through his patient and supportive approach to the addition of a new clinical team. “He collaborated with the team and provided valuable data and feedback while recognizing the strengths each person brought to the table,” said his nominator.

We give our best.
Victoria Martin, Director of Community Sales & Marketing at Lutheran Hillside Village

This Core Value means that we each bring our best selves to our shared mission, and we value the unique gifts, perspectives, and lived experiences that have propelled LSS to become a leader in serving older adults. As a result, we want to not only give our personal best, but to seek out the best practices that will help every life we encounter to thrive.

Victoria was honored for giving her best, from her amazing sales and marketing skills – 95% campus occupancy – to her untiring efforts to always go above and beyond to support others. Nights, weekends, 6 a.m. events – she does it all with a smile. “She loves what she does, and it shows,” said her nominator. “She is a model for hard work and how it pays off.  Ensuring strong occupancy is the key to a solid financial position, so her work impacts all departments.”

We share ideas.
Jason Martin, Director of Dining at Lenoir Woods

This Core Value underscores that we are at our best when we are freely sharing ideas. We need different views to drive innovation, to find the best solutions, and to fuel growth. We embrace a willingness to experiment, to continuously improve, and to always look for new opportunities for people to age well with purpose and fulfillment.

Jason was honored for his ability to fully involve and incorporate the viewpoints of a cross-section of his peers while proposing an innovative idea to provide more dining options for Assisted Living residents. “His idea is a huge step forward in preparing ourselves for the future and expanding services to market to our future residents,” said his nominator.

We multiply joy.
Charice Hilgedick, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Care Center Administrator at Lenoir Woods

This Core Value reminds us that joy matters, and we like to have fun in what we do. We open ourselves to moments of joy, and intentionally spread it to others in gratitude and generosity. We seek to create experiences where joy grows exponentially, where people can find joy and express it in their own genuine vitality.

Charice was honored for knowing when joy is needed and creating moments of joy for others. “During a time when staff morale was low, she had an impromptu traveling karaoke cart. The traveling karaoke cart provoked joy, not only in staff but in the residents. This thoughtful action truly brought joy to all,” said her nominator.

Ensuring Lutheran Senior Services is a leader in aging services requires a culture that brings out the best in each of us and that fosters innovation, collaboration, and trust. Congratulations to these team members for being an inspiration to each of us!

LSS plans to expand this award to recognize the impact of all team members who are living our Core Values. “I hope that each team member takes time to reflect on our Core Values and how they can live them. Together we will create a culture where we can ensure that we all are living life to the fullest,” said Adam.

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