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Groundbreaking Ceremony at Lenoir Woods

Lenoir Woods Senior Living Community in Columbia, Missouri held a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, celebrating the construction of the Edgewood Apartments. Current residents, future residents, and guests attended to witness the continuation of the history and vision of Lenoir Woods.

“History is all about honoring those who come before us. Vision is about those who will come after us. Today is about both of those things,” said Jake Bell, Chief Operating Officer of Lutheran Senior Services. “As we look to the future and the groundbreaking that’s occurring today, it all fits perfectly into our Christian mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest.”

The $22 million new construction of the Edgewood Apartments over the estimated 15 months of construction will result in 79 new independent living apartments and underground parking.

Kent Kirkwood, Executive Director, summed up the aspirations of the Edgewood Apartments. “As the building grows, it will be easy to see progress. Plumbing put in, walls and windows placed, balconies and a roof constructed. But there is so much more to this building then what you’ll physically see. Underneath it all will be the energy in conversation about the future of Lenoir Woods, the new friends made as future residents extend the scope of our family here; the promise of spaces created specifically created for the needs of older adults set against a beautiful woods backdrop. It’s the very spirit of what it means to live life to the fullest at Lenoir Woods that will make the greatest impact.”

To speak to someone on Living Life to the Fullest at Lenoir Woods, call 573-876-5800.

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