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Lutheran Senior Services Communities Receive High Satisfaction Scores for 2022

Lutheran Senior Services Communities Receive High Satisfaction Scores for 2022

Once again, Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) communities have received very good satisfaction scores from a recent Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The Christian mission of LSS drives the desire to provide service excellence alongside quality care. While it would be easy to rest on the laurels of a long-standing reputation and legacy, LSS is continuously looking for ways to improve and anticipate growth based on the needs and feedback of our valued older adults.

Various methods are used to collect data, including regular resident and family member surveys. Using a third-party research provider to conduct multiple surveys across our communities, LSS consistently receives positive customer satisfaction results.

The year-end results from 2022 are once again very good and indicate a high level of satisfaction. Scores across all levels for LSS communities and levels of living overall in 2022 were an average of 89%.

This speaks to the work and dedication of talented individuals and teams across LSS. We are committed to those we serve, both now and those in the future, to provide places, services, and opportunities for people to age well with purpose and fulfillment.

Some highlights from the 2022 Move-In and Annual Surveys:

  • The surveys were conducted by a third-party research provider who provides national benchmarks for senior living and health care industries.
  • In total, 454 move-in surveys and 1,280 annual surveys were submitted
  • All surveys are comprised of closed-end questions which use a 5-point scale ranging from “not satisfied” to “very satisfied”
  • Points on the scale are assigned weights of 0, 25, 50, 75, and 100, which permits calculation of a weighted-average score which ranges from 0-100

Residents, and family members when appropriate to survey, were greatly impressed with the move-in process across all levels of living at Lutheran Senior Services.

Survey Type                                                                Rating

Move-In Survey All Levels Life Plan Community         93% – Overall Experience

Annual All Levels Life Plan Community                        85% – Overall Satisfaction

Annual Affordable Housing                                            88% – Overall Satisfaction

Annual REACH Rehab                                                      91% – Overall Satisfaction

We appreciate the residents and family members of residents for providing feedback on this survey, so we may better understand their needs, concerns, and joys, and continually grow and improve to provide the fullest life.

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