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Amazing Table Makeover Thanks to the Meramec Bluffs We Fix It Team

Amazing Table Makeover Thanks to the Meramec Bluffs We Fix It Team

A table in distress was rescued and revived by the We Fix It team at Meramec Bluffs, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community in Ballwin, Missouri.

The game table had been used and abused for years. “This table was in continuous service but was in extreme distress because some were using it as a lunch table,” said John Schroeder, a member of the We Fix It team.

The We Fix It team is a group of residents who hold monthly “We Fix It” weekends where other residents can bring them items to be repaired. They are known for their knowledge and ability to fix things large and small, whether it’s a faulty switch on a lamp or the bent spokes of a wheelchair.

Recently, the team was asked if they could use their skills to restore a game table. Jim Vail joined John on the project. They began by dismantling the table and taking the top to the Meramec Bluffs workshop. Having this special area for woodworking projects enabled them to have the space to really get down to work.

John and Jim selected a stain that would be similar in color to other game tables in the room. They refinished the wood, restoring it to a smooth luster. They chose green felt instead of black to brighten things up. The whole process took them about a week to complete.

“Because it gets continuous use, everyone was anxious to get it back. They are very pleased now,” said John.

“Anyone who has been using the table has expressed much gratitude for its new appearance,” said Jim.

“Hopefully it will not be a picnic table anymore!” John added.

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