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Excellent Care for Your Loved One

Excellent Care for Your Loved One

With 10 senior living communities across two states, it’s imperative that each of our communities upholds the long-standing LSS reputation for quality services and excellent care. There are many ways we word to achieve this. One of them is the LSS Center for clinical Excellence (CCE).

The CCE Team is dedicated to evaluating and enhancing the quality of our clinical services across the entire organization. With collaborative efforts and representation from a cross-section of LSS clinical team members, this group focuses on evidence-based practices and continually improving outcomes.

While having this group of experts supporting, educating, and implementing infection prevention and control strategies across the organization is always helpful, they have been invaluable throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The CCE Team continues to decode and implement the numerous guidelines our communities receive from local, state, and federal authorities. The team also works to make sure that all LSS communities are up to date and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

“The CCE Team has been such an asset to our organization, especially during this time of COVID-19,” said Garry Anderson, LSS Chief Operating Officer. “With guidelines coming from multiple sources, the team has streamlined and expedited our communication and implementation of this information. They’ve been a great resource for all of us, but mostly for our community staff members who are caring for our residents. CCE team members have spent countless hours working with and supporting clinical teams from all communities.”

No one is immune from the pandemic and our communities have experienced cases of COVID-19. As the country saw its first cases, the CCE Team was quick to advise the clinical staff and leadership at each community and to put innovative infection prevention and control protocols in place to protect our residents and staff. The CCE Team continues to refine best practices, share those with communities, and help implement them as we all learn more about this virus.

“This is just one example of the power of being part of a larger organization, particularly one as solid as LSS,” added Anderson. “Sharing best practices, knowledge, and resources is a real benefit to all our communities.”

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