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Growing Careers at Mason Pointe

Mason Pointe is a great place to grow professionally, no matter what your career path. Just ask Amy Nupp, Genevieve Klapp, and Naz Jackson!

“LSS has helped me grow my career in several ways,” said Amy Nupp, HR Generalist at Mason Pointe Senior Living in Town & Country, Missouri. In her 5.5 years with Lutheran Senior Services, Amy has had great mentoring relationships with her supervisors and other team leaders. “They’ve always encouraged me to apply for other positions that are a step up from where I am currently. My immediate supervisor has encouraged me to get my SHRM certification and I just passed the exam!” she said.

Amy supports the culture of growth by encouraging other Mason Pointe team members to pursue education, like earning their Certified Medication Technician (CMT) certification. “The CMT program is such an important program because it gives our employees a way to grow their career with LSS. It’s a way for LSS to reinvest in our employees and help them grow professionally and retain them as long-term employees.”

Genevieve Klapp agrees. “LSS is a great place to work. There are lots of programs to help with career growth.” She has been a Mason Pointe team member for 5.5 years and recently earned her CMT with the support of her Director of Nursing. Genevieve pursued the opportunity because it just made sense. “Less physical work for more money!”Her favorite thing about her role is her coworkers and entertaining the residents.

Naz Jackson also values the teamwork and the residents in her role at Mason Pointe. After 23 years, Naz recently decided to obtain her CMT thanks to support from LSS. “I wanted to further my nursing,” she said. Improving herself to provide even better care makes her feel good. “When I can make the family members and the residents happy, that is what I love about my job.”

Working at LSS, there are so many opportunities to connect with others and change lives – even your own! Check out job openings and discover a new career in aging at LSS.

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