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Richmond Terrace – Small Community, Big Heart

Richmond Terrace – Small Community, Big Heart

Carol B. can’t speak highly enough of the staff at Richmond Terrace and the care and support they provide for her mom. Carol’s mom moved to Richmond Terrace after a stay in Skilled Nursing resulted in the desire to find an Assisted Living option that fit her needs. When they first visited Richmond Terrace, Carol and her mom loved it.

“I don’t think many people can say this, but her mobility has improved since moving in,” added Carol.

The staff at Richmond Terrace make all the difference to Carol. She has found they are caring, accommodating, and hard working. Carol, her siblings, and her mom really appreciate how Richmond Terrace staff are willing to go the extra mile, especially when it comes to transitions. They are comforted by how the staff make things fun and enjoyable and take the extra time to visit with residents.

“In addition to the great care, the emotional support they provide is amazing,” said Carol.

Carol’s mom especially loves the food, noting that she can tell it’s prepared with such care. Her mom sometimes provides suggestions to the dining staff and they talk with her and other residents about what they liked the most or what they might like to see on the menu.

All these extra things were even more important, especially to family members of residents, when COVID-19 became a reality. Carol is glad to have her mom protected by precautionary measures. While it has been hard, she understands the need to restrict visitors when there are active cases or when the larger community has a high infection rate.

“What they’ve pulled off in the last eight months is just astounding to me,” said Carol.

Richmond Terrace has kept in regular contact with residents’ loved ones. As the only one of her siblings living in the area, Carol appreciates the communication she’s received from Richmond Terrace, which has helped her keep other family members informed.

“The staff at Richmond Terrace is responsive,” added Carol. “They’re all amazing.”

To learn more about Richmond Terrace, including how to set up a tour, visit the Richmond Terrace web page.

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