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Summer Bucket List for All Ages

Summer Bucket List for All Ages

It’s officially summer and that means it’s time to make the 93 days of summer count! Try something new or enjoy a favorite pastime with this Summer Bucket List. Check out the list below that includes fun ideas for all ages and mobility levels. Plus, you can download and print the list to keep track of all your summer fun!

Download the Summer Bucket List 2022.

Explore a new volunteer opportunity:
Volunteering feels good and does good. Share your time and talents with the community or helping an older adult in need. Visit the Volunteer Opportunities page to learn how you can make an impact in the life of an older adult this summer.

Take in an outdoor concert:
Listening to music can boost endorphins and dopamine, thereby improving your mood, alleviating stress and even reducing pain. Whether you prefer a performance at a local park or rocking out at an outdoor amphitheater, this is the season to enjoy music in open air. When you’re packing the lawn chairs, be sure to also grab your sunscreen, insect repellant, water, and some ear plugs!

See the flowers in bloom:
Explore a new park or garden where you can observe the wonders of nature. June and July are when roses shine and daylilies dazzle and native flowers dot the roadsides. But you don’t have to travel far to enjoy blooming flowers. Just look down and appreciate the weeds along a sidewalk – even dandelions are beautiful to the bees!

Try a new ice cream flavor:
Chocolate is the top favorite ice cream flavor in the United States according to several polls. But this is the time to branch out and try something new! Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free – there’s something cold and delicious for everyone.

Enjoy lunch outside with a group of friends:
Backyard BBQs, park picnics, patio dining – food, friends and fresh air are a great combination! Make plans to connect with friends for some outdoor lunches this summer. Get energized from connecting with others in the great outdoors.

Get engrossed in a summer novel on audiobook:
Whether you’re on the couch, on a beach or on a road trip, literature goes with everything. Check out recommended reading lists from places like your local library to The Washington Post to explore new genres, new authors and new ideas.

Clean out your closet as you transition to your summer clothes:
As you pull out your summer clothes, and put away winter wear, it’s a great time to assess what to keep and what to move along. If it has stains, holes or smells, you no longer love it, it’s outdated or hasn’t fit in a year, it is time to say goodbye. Donate your items and know that you’re helping others while making room for new things to love.

Watch the sunset and then find the summer constellations:
Meteorologists say sunsets are more vivid in winter – but who can stay outside to watch them in the cold? Summer months are made for enjoying those moments as day turns to twilight. The summer night sky features the constellations Aquila, Cygnus, Hercules, Lyra, Ophiuchus, Sagittarius and Scorpius.

Splash around in the water, whether that be the ocean, a lake, or even a kiddie pool in the yard:
According to research, there are many benefits of being near water, whether on the coast or just watching a fountain flow. These include: lower levels of stress and anxiety, an overall increased sense of well-being and happiness, and a lower heart and breathing rate.

Get your fill of summer berries:
Make a day of berry picking and savor the fruits of your labor! Numerous local farms offer opportunities to pick your own berries and pay by the pound. Your local Department of Conservation also offers tips if you want to try your luck finding wild berries like gooseberries, red mulberries and blackberries – all fresh and delicious this time of year!

Soak up some sun with your favorite drink in hand:
While we all know to be sun smart and avoid sunburns, did you know that spending 15-20 minutes in the sun provides you with your daily dose of Vitamin D? So grab a drink of your choice – hydration also matters – and enjoy your 15 minutes in the sun knowing you’re doing your body good.

Add your own Summer Bucket List:
Now is the time to add your own fun summer bucket list items! You’ve got 93 days of summer to make memories and experience something new. What will you do?

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