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When You’re Here, You’re Family – Literally!

When You’re Here, You’re Family – Literally!

We consider everyone at Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) to be “family” – but for some of us it’s literal. At many LSS communities, there are generations of family living and working together.

For example, three generations of Maria Rutter’s family live or work at Concordia Village, an LSS Life Plan Community in Springfield, IL. Maria has been a Senior Living Counselor at Concordia Village for nearly seven years. Her mother, Margaret Angeli, has been a resident of Concordia Village for 13 years. Her 16-year-old son Ethan Rutter has been a team member in the Concordia Village Dining Department since January.

Maria and her brother first visited Concordia Village when they were exploring senior living options for their mother, Margaret. Since then, Margaret has happily resided in multiple levels of living at Concordia Village. “She loves it here. She tells me that all the time. ‘I’m so happy I came here’,” said Maria.

Maria was so impressed with Concordia Village that when a position opened that fit her experience, she jumped at the opportunity to join the team. Working where her mother lived was a huge bonus! “During my lunch break I can run by and give her some love. If I miss her, I can give her a hug,” said Maria.

Maria’s son Ethan was so eager to work at Concordia Village that he applied on his 16th birthday, when he finally met the minimum age requirement. He already has developed customer service skills and learned about intergenerational communication in his tenure as a Dining team member.

“They joke around and give me a hard time – it’s a lot of fun,” said Ethan.

Maria sees his new skills and growth reflected at home. “At dinner at home now he picks up the plates, puts them in the sink, wipes down the kitchen,” said Maria. “The experiences he is getting are amazing. And when they find out he’s my son they really have fun with him!”

At Meridian Village, an LSS Life Plan Community in Glen Carbon, IL, there are a plethora of related team members! For example, Dorothy Hebblethwaite is a Meridian Village resident who is related to Mark Hebblethwaite, Maintenance Specialist; Christina Frasier, Care Center Administrator; Dorie Hebblethwaite, Resident Assistant; and Alyssa Williamson, Resident Assistant, who is a niece to Christina and a cousin to Dorie. And that’s not all! Meridian Village team members also include spouses Jordan Bates, RN, and Laura Bates, CAN. Sarah Moore, Meridian Village Concierge, is the daughter of Michelle Moore, Meridian Village Chauffer, who is the sister-in-law of Tammy Williams, Meridian Village Business Office Manager. Not to mention that Denise Hubbard, Meridian Village Sous Chef, and Krystal Hubbard, Meridian Village Cook, are sisters.

Many other team members have family connections with other team members or residents. Our service to older adults isn’t just professional, it’s personal!

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