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Making a difference together

As a not-for-profit organization, Lutheran Senior Services would not be able to live out our mission of Older Adults Living Life to the Fullest (based on John 10:10) without our valuable volunteers. Nearly 8,000 volunteers serve in a variety of ways on an annual basis. Approximately 80,000 hours, which equates to an estimated $2,087,000, are donated in service by our volunteers annually.

Beyond the numbers, we are a dedicated and collaborative team committed to cultivating generous hearts. We pledge to engage volunteers in meaningful contributions toward our mission while creating joy in those who give and serve.

Become part of our volunteer team today and discover your opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our seniors.


If you need assistance with or have questions about the volunteer application, please contact us at 314.373.4071.

Make a difference by providing companionship & assistance to residents.

Become a Senior Connections Plus volunteer today. Provide older adults with friendship, fun, and assistance with light housekeeping. Flexible schedule.

Senior Connections Plus volunteers provide companionship for older adults in an LSS affordable housing community. As a Senior Connections Plus volunteer, you can help combat isolation, provide light housekeeping and assistance with navigating technology.

Call 314.373.4071 or email diane.sinclair@lssliving.org to get started today.

Make a difference by serving seniors

Volunteers may assist with a variety of meaningful activities or simply provide companionship.

Residents at LSS communities have the opportunity to participate in meaningful activities to enrich their lives. Volunteers are often needed to execute these activities. Examples include games, field trips, crafts, or transporting residents in wheelchairs to destinations around the community. Many volunteers provide companionship to our residents.

Limited on time? You can still make a difference!

Individual and group volunteers are needed for short-term projects that make a big impact.

LSS hosts many events and fundraisers throughout the year. We couldn’t do this without the help of our volunteers. Need something you can do from home? We offer service-to-go projects and Adopt-a-Senior project ideas that can help seniors in need.

Meet our Volunteers

Get a look at our volunteers making a difference

The Volunteer Experience

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Hear from other LSS volunteers

"Volunteering is a two way street: giving love and joy in someone's life and receiving love and joy from the person I serve!"
- Gerry
"I started volunteering because I wanted to give back to LSS for the wonderful blessing they have been to my Dad over the years as a resident."
- Cathlin
"As a hospice patient volunteer, it has brought me much joy to see the relationships I have had, and still have, with the family members. I realize that some of these have crossed my path because of God’s providence, and I give Him the thanks for that."
- Grace
"I volunteer for LSS because it gets you outside of yourself. I feel this is where God wants me to be."
- Don
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