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Putting Around

Putting Around

Golf lovers at Meramec Bluffs wanted to share their passion with others. Working together they brought an additional amenity to their Life Plan Community that’s creating new experiences for all residents.

“Anybody can putt,” explained Ray Gieseke, a resident at Meramec Bluffs, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community located in Ballwin, Missouri, who along with several other residents helped to champion the putting green. “You don’t have to be a golfer to putt. It’s just kind of fun.”

While talking amongst his fellow residents, Ray found there was a common interest in golfing or trying their hand at it. And while Meramec Bluffs had multiple amenities already, Ray thought the increased interest in a putting green might be a great addition for all residents. Lynne Spriggs, Executive Director of Meramec Bluffs, agreed when he and several other residents brought her the idea.

“Our community is made special because our residents take an active interest and part in its growth and development,” Lynne said. “We want their home to reflect their interests and provide additional opportunities to try new skills or hone existing ones. The putting green was a great idea and I’m so glad that our culture at Meramec Bluffs looks at how we can partner together to say ‘yes’ to these ideas.”

Making the putting green a reality was a community effort. The Independent Living Town Hall not only funded the installation but residents, Ray Gieseke, Jack Feaster, and Merle Freitag, also oversaw the selection of the installation company and made sure the proper equipment would be available to residents to use the putting green. Residents who use the workshop at Meramec Bluffs even built a rack to hold donated putters and golf balls.

When completed in the spring of 2021, a ribbon cutting ceremony was organized to mark the new amenity. Now residents can regularly be seen putting on the green – both long-time lovers of the game and new converts. Ray is looking forward to seeing some organized tournaments out there.

“I envision having putting tournaments where anybody can come down and get outside and enjoy fresh air, just putt from one hole to the other,” Ray said about the future plans for this new amenity.

Learn more about Meramec Bluffs by visiting the community’s page here.

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