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What is a Life Plan Community?

What is a Life Plan Community?

Whether you are considering a move to a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, it’s important to find a community that provides the lifestyle desired with the conveniences and amenities to make it feel like home. Another significant consideration is how a community can meet future needs. This is what a Life Plan Community does.

One of the greatest benefits of moving to a Life Plan Community is having a plan for your future if your needs change. A Life Plan Community has all levels of living located on one campus, with priority access to more care and assistance if needed. Levels include independent living, assisted living, memory care communities, long term care, and short stay rehabilitation.

“A Life Plan Community is a great choice at any point in the aging journey,” says Rita Vicary, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Sales at Lutheran Senior Services (LSS). “With access to health services and multiple levels all on one campus, it’s comforting to know that you only have to make the decision about where to move once because you have a plan in place.”

Even though many people move to a Life Plan Community as independent living residents, that doesn’t have to be the case. People also move into a community as assisted living residents when they need more assistance. Some move to a Life Plan Community as care center residents when they need 24-hour, long term nursing care. Sometimes guests of short stay rehabilitation, known as REACH at Lutheran Senior Services, decide to move into a community as fulltime residents after their rehab.

“If a Life Plan Community is something you are interested in, you should start looking soon,” adds Vicary. “Many communities have wait lists for future residents. When your turn comes up you are able to decide if it’s a good time for you to move.”

Independent living is exactly what it sounds like – residents enjoy a full range of amenities and abundant opportunities for person growth and enrichment. Beautiful spacious homes are nearby or even connected to wellness and community centers with access to the movie theatre, salon, pool, exercise rooms, multiple dining venues and much more. Some communities have onsite clinics available for residents. Chores such as housekeeping and yardwork are taken care of, freeing up time to take advantage of the amenities available in the community. A recent study showed that residents of Life Plan Communities have greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and vocational wellness. This study, conducted by Mather Lifeways and Northwestern University, highlights that Life Plan Community residents are living notably happier, healthier lives than their peers in other living arrangements.

“Independent living residents at Lutheran Senior Services communities live vibrant, active lives with educational opportunities, wellness programs, and social outings,” says Vicary. “Making the decision to move into a Life Plan Community gives people more control over their future. While people don’t have to start in independent living, the sooner they do move in means the sooner they can take advantage of all a Life Plan Community has to offer.”

In assisted living, residents have help with daily activities including medication administration. There’s dedicated staff available to assist residents when needed. Long term care provides nursing care 24 hours a day. Memory care has around-the-clock care and special life enrichment programming to help cognitive functions and keep memory care residents active. Short stay rehabilitation is focused on getting guests stronger and back to their previous level of living after a hospital stay. Therapy offered includes physical, occupational, and speech.

“At Lutheran Senior Services, our mission is older adults living life to the fullest,” says Vicary. “No matter when you decide to move to a community, it’s important to pick the one that has the right lifestyle for you.”

The Lutheran Senior Services family includes several Life Plan Communities, each offering a variety of services and amenities and a robust calendar full of activities and educational opportunities for all residents. Lutheran Senior Services is built on a 160-year tradition of service excellence. Discover St. Louis senior living with assisted services at an LSS Life Plan Community today.

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