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Singing in Harmony with Joy

Singing in Harmony with Joy

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If there’s an opportunity to sing, Dick Fallert is going to find it. That’s exactly how he became a fixture in the Laclede Groves Choir and the extensions of the group as well. When Fallert and his wife moved to Laclede Groves, a Lutheran Senior Services Life Plan Community in Webster Groves, Missouri, the first thing he did was check the activities calendar to find out when the next choir rehearsal was. And sure enough, he was at that next rehearsal.

“I joined my church choir in the same way,” explained Fallert. “I just love to sing.”

There are about 30 residents in the four-part choir at Laclede Groves. The group meets every Friday to rehearse for about an hour for two big performances throughout the year – one in June and, of course, a Christmas performance in December.

“Personally, I enjoy the rehearsals as much as the performance,” added Fallert. “I can read music and to just pick up a new piece and get the feel of it is a joy to do.”

In fact, Fallert finds so much joy in singing that he also regularly participates in the more casual Community Sing. For this event, a smaller group of singers gathers in memory care residences or assisted living for seniors and sings whatever songs they feel like, usually a cappella. Others are encouraged to join in but sitting and listening is just fine too.

“Sometimes we show up and only three or four other people are there and then people hear us and start to show up,” explained Fallert. “Folks obviously enjoy us being there and singing along. It’s enjoyment from my standpoint but also passing that onto others. You really feel that you’re accomplishing something.”

Fallert loves to share his love of singing. Once a week he also participates in a hymn sing with a handful of other singers where he admits there’s as much laughing as singing.

“Singing is just part of my thing,” added Fallert. “It’s important to me that where I live offers these opportunities.”

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