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The Waiting Game

The Waiting Game

If you’re interested in moving to a senior living community with assisted living in a few years, you might want to start looking sooner than you thought. A community might have a waitlist that could take a few months or even longer, depending upon the community, before your turn comes up. If there’s a senior living community you are interested in, it’s probably worth looking into and deciding if it makes sense to get your name on the waitlist. Plus, there can be benefits to being on the list.

“Our communities at Lutheran Senior Services have robust Future Resident Programs for those future residents who have put down a deposit and are on the waitlist,” explained Rita Vicary, Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Sales at Lutheran Senior Services (LSS). “These events give future residents opportunities to meet people who could be their future neighbors and to continue to get to know the community. Some communities even give future residents access to the gym and other amenities.”

Waitlists all work a little differently. If you are on the waitlist at an LSS community and your turn comes up but you aren’t ready to move just yet, you are able to pass on this opportunity without losing your spot on the list.

“We understand timing is so important when making any move,” added Vicary. “When getting on a waitlist at any senior living community it should give you some flexibility as to when you move in.”

There are plenty of other benefits to starting to look at senior living communities sooner. For one, you’ll be in control of your decision. And if you choose a Life Plan Community, you’ll only have to make the decision once because all levels of living including Independent Living, comprehensive assisted living care, memory care services, Long Term Care, and Short Stay Rehabilitation are available on one campus. This gives residents priority access to more care and assistance if needed. Making the decision to move to a Life Plan Community not only gives you peace of mind, but also keeps you in control of your own future while relieving your family of having to make decisions for you.

So, if you’re thinking about moving to a senior living community in the future – it never hurts to start looking and maybe even deciding on one now.

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