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Tips for Healthy Living from an LSS Dietitian

Tips for Healthy Living from an LSS Dietitian

Nutrition is the foundation for daily living. This is why Lutheran Senior Services (LSS) has a team of dietitians on staff including Director of Nutrition Jacob Risk. Like other LSS dietitians, Risk assesses LSS residents living in Assisted Living and the Care Center to make sure they are getting adequate protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements. In his position as the LSS Director of Nutrition, Risk also works with dining directors at LSS communities to make sure that menus in Assisted Living and Care Center dining rooms are meeting nutritional needs of residents.

“Everyone eats, and the nutrition we take in affects every aspect of our daily lives,” said Risk. “We make sure residents get proper nutrition for their daily lives.”

Risk shared a few quick nutrition tips to help older adults stay healthy:

Stay hydrated. Our sense of thirst declines as we age so we don’t get the sensation of being thirsty. Older adults can get dehydrated, and some medications that older adults take can increase need to use the restroom so sometimes older adults don’t like to intake a lot of fluids. But it’s important to maintain hydration.

Eat lean protein. Older adults especially need to make sure they are eating good sources of lean protein – not fried food. Fish, turkey, and chicken that are baked, roasted, or grilled are good examples.

Remember balance. A piece of chocolate is ok as long as it’s not the staple of your diet. A balanced diet needs to be made up of good fruits and vegetables, grains, and lean protein. But nobody is perfect, we all have days we eat things we shouldn’t. The biggest thing is balance and not getting hung up on “good” food and “bad” food.

Providing well balanced meals and snacks is one way LSS provides excellent care for residents. There are many other ways LSS cares for residents including physical activity, social engagement, and much more.

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