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Why Are Social Activities for Seniors Important?

Why Are Social Activities for Seniors Important?

Being socially involved and active gives people a sense of belonging that provides added health benefits. Staying socially active is especially important for older adults who can sometimes become lonely and isolated.

Social activities include anything from dining with friends to playing a friendly competitive game with others to attending a class. Senior living communities offer many opportunities for older adults to stay socially active. In fact, a study by the Mather Institute found that 69 percent of older adults believe that moving to a Life Plan Community improved their social wellness. This in turn improved study participants health too.

Health Benefits of Social Activities for Seniors

Staying socially engaged keeps older adults well in many ways. It can improve emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness. Overall wellness in all of these areas is key to getting and staying healthy as a person grows older.

Improved Emotional Health

Being involved in social activities can help stave off isolation and loneliness – two issues seniors may face if they aren’t socially engaged. Social activities help people to build connections with others and improve their mood. Classes, lectures, and concerts are all opportunities to gather with others to make connections and get a mood boost.

Better Cognitive Function

Socializing helps to sharpen memory skills. Staying engaged and keeping up conversations with friends helps build connections in a person’s mind that can improve cognitive function. While in-person socializing is ideal, virtual social activities, like FaceTime calls, work too. Whether you are

Physical Health Benefits

People who are more socially active receive health benefits such as lower risk for certain diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Social activities often include opportunities such as group exercise classes or hiking or walking with friends. Being socially involved helps older adults to lead healthier lifestyles and form healthy habits.

Improved Immune System

Increased social activity has been tied to having a stronger immune system. This means a socially engaged older person could fight off seasonal colds and the flu better.

Promotes Positive Interactions and Relationships

Social activities give opportunities for positive interactions with other people and help to build relationships. These connections and relations can grow into friendships and bring even more satisfaction to an older adult’s life.

Social Activities for Seniors at Lutheran Senior Services

LSS senior living communities offer residents many opportunities to stay socially engaged at all levels of health and independence.  From an independent living community to memory care there are many choices in social activities so every resident can find something that interests them. Staying socially engaged with one’s community is important especially in one’s later years. Visit the LSS Senior Living Communities page to find an LSS community.

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