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Stitching a Community Together

Stitching a Community Together

The ladies of Mason Pointe Independent Living’s Hook and Needle Club are in high demand these days. After an initial donation of 12 lap quilts and 77 clothing protectors to Mason Pointe’s Assisted Living and Care Center, the request for more came in.

Mason Pointe Independent Living opened in November 2020 making the Lutheran Senior Services’ Town & Country, Missouri, location a full Life Plan Community. The Hook and Needle Club is one of the new groups that has formed around resident interests. This group came together for ladies who are interested in sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

“It was started as an open group for those of us with similar interests,” said Joan Bechtold, Mason Pointe Independent Living Resident and Hook and Needle Club member. “We then asked, ‘how do we harness our talents to help the community?’”

That’s when the idea came about to make lap quilts for residents in the Assisted Living and Care Center areas of Mason Pointe. As more seamstresses joined in, they thought of more items the group could make that residents in the other levels of living might need. When the ladies take the quilts, clothing protectors, and walker bags to Assisted Living and the Care Center, the residents and staff are very appreciative of the items.

Much of the materials the group uses have been donated from other Independent Living residents who no longer need items for sewing, knitting, or crocheting. While these donations are helpful, for one project the Hook and Needle Club needed something particular. To make the clothing protectors, the ladies needed some special terry cloth and flannel that they didn’t have on hand. But luckily, they knew how to get a little help to buy what they needed. Through a grant from Thrivent, a financial planning organization, the group was able to purchase the materials to make the clothing protectors requested by the Mason Pointe Care Center.

When the weather begins to cool down in the fall, the Hook and Needle plans to crochet hats for residents in other levels of living. The ladies have also started plans to make more items for a bazaar that will raise funds for the Mason Pointe staff appreciation fund.

“It’s about getting to use our talents,” added Mary Fischer, Mason Pointe Independent Living resident and Hook and Needle Club member. “But it’s also about camaraderie and fellowship.”

It’s apparent from the gifts these ladies create with so much care and thoughtfulness that these feelings of camaraderie and fellowship extend beyond their group to the rest of the community.

To learn more about Mason Pointe, including how to set up a tour, visit the Mason Pointe web page.

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