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Independent Living

Meridian Village Cardboard Boat Race

Cardboard boats sound about as useful as paper hats in the rain. But imagination, teamwork, and upcycling resulted in a lively Sixth Annual Cardboard Boat Race at Meridian Village, a …

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Move-In Resources: Support for Every Step of Your Move

Any move can be filled with stress or complications. Where do you start? Who do you trust? With a move to a Lutheran Senior Services community, there’s a special support system just for you called the Move-in Resources Team! This unique resource provides access to a team with years of experience helping people successfully transition to a Life Plan Community.

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Senior Living Communities and Resident Safety

While the familiar may seem safe, aging in place can become a trap of social isolation and home maintenance stress, which can result in dangerous scenarios. Senior living communities afford measures like accessible design, round-the-clock staff, amenities, and camaraderie that can actually help improve one’s safety.

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